Account-Based Marketing Manager,
AEC Northeast

May 2018 - Present

The ABM team at Autodesk is at the forefront of a company-wide shift to accelerate growth through improved marketing and sales collaboration. We use a mix of tactics to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Drive account specific marketing planning aligned to sales strategies for account-appropriate offerings

  • Evaluate, select and manage vendors that contribute to local demand creation programs including agencies, direct mail providers, and fulfillment services

  • Proactively engage with sales teams to coordinate, communicate, and optimize the impact of marketing activities

  • Monitor the delivery and execution of plans, and measure effectiveness of resource allocation, efficiency and ROI to inform any adjustments

  • Use data and dashboards to inform future tactics and programmatic campaign adjustments

Account-Based Marketing Manager
Oct. 2016 - April 2018

As the Account-Based Marketing Manager at itslearning, I manage, deploy, and measure the success of highly targeted marketing campaigns designed to move key prospects through the sales cycle.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and tailor multi-channel, targeted campaigns for key prospects

  • Maintain detailed profiles and personas to align marketing strategies and tactics

  • Manage production of personalized content to generate brand awareness, engagement, and conversions

  • Build and maintain segmented and multi-tiered email nurture streams for key prospects and opportunities

  • Analyze key performance metrics to determine effectiveness of campaigns

  • Within the first 9 months, helped convert a key prospect valued at 770K

Content Marketing Manager
Mar. 2015 - Oct. 2016

As the lead the marketer for Sift Media's digital publication, I got geeky about the accounting industry to deliver thoughtful content marketing campaigns that helped us and our SaaS advertisers develop meaningful relationships with our subscribers.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Consulted with our SaaS advertisers to craft native advertising and sponsored content campaigns

  • Managed the complete lifecycle of content from creation to deployment

  • Optimized campaign activities to reach advertiser and company goals

  • Proposed strategies to capitalize on the latest marketing trends

  • Within year 1, helped double website subscribers to over 40K

SMB Marketing Consultant
Feb. 2015 - Present

I offer pro bono consulting to local women starting their own businesses. Depending on the client's needs, I might:

  • Collaborate to develop their brand identity and brand assets

  • Help them determine their target market and the best channels for reaching them

  • Demonstrate how to build a scalable marketing plan

  • Provide them with tools and resources to support their marketing efforts

  • Teach them low and no-cost strategies to generate leads and get buyers in the door

  • Show them how to create search engine/social media optimized content to support their engagement strategy

  • Offer best practices for customer marketing and loyalty

  • Provide them with benchmarks for measuring their campaign success


Event Marketer
Jan. 2013 - Feb. 2015

As the lead marketer for SAPinsider's HR, CRM, and SCM/PLM user conferences, I deployed and managed multi-channel campaigns to drive registrations.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborated with conference producers and sales to develop marketing campaigns

  • Created compelling copy for email, print, online, and social media campaigns

  • Assisted in the implementation and monitoring of SEO/SEM strategies

  • Tracked the effectiveness of campaigns and made suggestions for optimization

  • Conducted research (e.g. phone interviews, email surveys) to determine attendee needs and satisfaction

  • Acquired endorsements from thought leaders, event exhibitors, and media partners

  • Traveled onsite to conferences to curate content for future campaigns



HubSpot Inbound Certified
Mar. 2016

As a widely recognized authority on inbound marketing methodology, HubSpot is my go-to for professional resources and development. Their Inbound Marketing Certification course reinforced my knowledge of basic inbound strategies and taught me best practices for everything from content lifecycle management to website optimization.

The lessons provided in their course are transferable across all platforms, not just their marketing software.


M.A. in Media Studies

After graduating with a B.A. in 2008, my former employer at the campus bookstore offered me a full-time position. This opportunity allowed me to pursue a postgraduate degree in Media Studies to gain a mastery of the theoretical side of digital media.


B.A. in Communications
B.A. in Film Studies


As an undergrad, I majored in both Mass Media Communications and Film Studies. I learned techniques for making narrative films, documentaries, mobile media, television and radio programming. I also studied theories and research exploring the role of the media in society.

I was involved in a number of on-campus organizations: I was the Events and Social Media Manager for the TV station, Contributing Writer for the newspaper, Costume Seamstress for the Theatre Department, and a DJ for the radio station.