For both the full-time and freelance gigs, I produce a variety of digital content including eBooks, blogs, infographics, podcasts, videos, photos... the list goes on. Click through to the galleries below to see samples of my work.


Socials, Downloadables, & Emails

Highly engaging, data-driven content is the foundation of what I do. I believe quality is key to making content that demands attention. Here are samples of guides and graphics that I produced as part of various campaigns.

Video & Audio

In the past year, I started taking on independent projects to stretch some of my more advanced and technical content-creating abilities. Here are a few examples of audio and video content that I produced for freelance clients.


I've developed a decent eye for composition and lighting thanks to a lifelong obsession with movies and cinematography. This knack for visuals has proven handy in creating photographic content. Here's a series of photos I took in the last few years.