I've always wanted to work for a non-profit, so I jumped at the chance when the founder of the Kaleidoscope Society, an online community for women with Attention Deficit Disorder, reached out to me about producing content.

I was given the broad task of creating engaging content that would help educate and empower women with the disorder. Considering the target audience's knack for multi-tasking and my personal obsession with the medium, a podcast seemed like the obvious choice. 

Not only has Distractible Minds been a great way for me to explore the art of podcast production, it's also been a fantastic learning experience in co-marketing and co-branding. We decided to produce the podcast as an individual brand in association with the organization to help expand our reach and give us more creative freedom with the different products.

The podcast was an instant hit with the target audience. Since we launched it under the name ADHD Smarties in December 2016, it has been played over 7000 times across our various channels. The title change took place after some buzz that the American Psychiatric Association might rename the disorder.

Help A Refugee Family

Back in August of 2015, my friend Nadia got on a plane and flew to Croatia to aid her family members who were migrating to escape the Syrian war. When she returned, she was overcome with the urgency to raise awareness and gather donations to help her family and others like them rebuild their lives.

Nadia assigned me the task of producing a short video for her fundraising efforts that showed the harrowing journey millions of Syrians have made to escape the devastation of the war. We wanted to create a video that would tell the grim truth of what's happening to civilians in Syria and inspire those watching to take action.